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Saab Car Museum Support Organization


Latest updated in May 2017

In May 2017 the Saab Car Museum´s Support Organization had the following funds.

Specific car model Fund

Saab 9000 world records in Talladega 1986 - 50 000 kr

A donation of 50 000 SEK has been received from a private individual in recognition of the many high speed and high mileage durability records that were broken with the Saab 9000. In 2016 it is 30 years after that Saab broke the existing world speed records over a distance of 100 000 km. The world records were performed on the high speed racing track in Talladega, USA during the Autumn of 1986. In 2014 the Saab 9000 also celebrated its 30th anniversary.

With the support of additional sponsors and volunteers from the Saab Veterans a replica of the Talladega depot was created 2016 to the 30 year jubilee and is now a part of the museum exhibition. The sponsoring also made it possible for the 1986 Talladega Project Manager Olle Granlund to revisit Talladega race track together with Museum curator Peter Bäckström.

Sponsorer Volontärer
AB Karl Hedin Ray Beaufoy
Mediatryck Björn Bondesson
Orio Lars Evensson
Pirelli Olle Granlund
Saab Club of North America Ove Hasselberg
Saab Turbo Club Arne Höglund
Skylt o text Trollhättan Gösta Jakfors
Svenska Saabklubben Göran Olausson
Saab Car Museum Support Organization Erik Svendssen

Personality Fund

In memory of Gunnar Ljungstrom - 100 000 kr

Thanks to a donation from a private individual sufficient funds are now in place permitting work to start on the recognition of Gunnar Ljungstrom celebration.

During 2015 approximately 4000 SEK from the fund has been allocated for:

  • The procurement of the initial text and 20 copies of a new booklet, “In memory of Gunnar Ljungstrom – Saab´s first Technical director”
  • The cost of an invitational lunch for Ljungstrom´s relatives and former colleagues at Saab.

The booklet was presented to the lunch-guests at the celebration of Gunnar Ljungstrom´s110th birthdate on the 8/9/2015. Work on a new book concerning Gunnar Ljungstrom and his colleagues had been in progress since 2015 and is scheduled to be issued in 2017, which also coincides with Saab´s 80th anniversary celebration.

Together with the Saab Car Museum a minor permanent exhibition is also planned, presenting his family background and work assignments he undertook prior to, and during his employment at Saab. Several close colleagues to him will also be named in the book. Thanks to some of his family members we have also managed to get a number of valuable photographs that can be used in the book.

In Memory of Erik Carlsson - 17 210 kr

The Fund was started in the summer of 2015.

Fond generell

General Fund - 96 000 kr

Besides the above funds donations totaling ≈ 96 000 SEK have been received from Saab clubs in Europe and the USA and from individual people since the start of the Support Organization.

Total Sum ≈ 283 000 kr

We are searching for more interested people that can provide further donations to bring individual funds up to the pre–determined target level.

It is upon reaching these levels that work on the subjected activities can start.

We are also thankful for other donations and here are some suggestions

A SAAB CAR MUSEUM - specific donation

  • Towards the working activities within the Saab Car Museum and also to make available more information for visitors.

B Car Model specific donations

  • SAAB 92
  • SAAB 93
  • SAAB 95
  • SAAB 96
  • SAAB-Cars with Two –Stroke engines
  • SAAB 99
  • SAAB Turbo (SAAB-cars with turbo-charged engines)
  • SAAB Cabriolet, all three versions
  • SAAB 900
  • SAAB 9-3
  • SAAB 9-5 Gen. 1
  • SAAB 9-5 Gen. 2

C New donations regarding SPECIAL PEOPLE e.g.

  • ETC

D Donations regarding WORK GROUPS e.g.


E Donations regarding RALLY ACTIVITIES e.g.



The purpose of the Support Organization is to promote the activities of the Saab Car Museum. This can be attained by the Support Organization working towards improving visitors level of satisfaction (value for money ) of their visit to the museum . A means of achieving this is by e.g. increasing the level of information available for guests and initiation of new and interesting activities /themes /exhibitions etc.

A certain degree of visible improvements can also be achieved with a relatively small investment e.g. renovation of a specific car model etc. More complex projects however e.g. to issue books / booklets in memory of well known Saab personalities etc. are generally more time consuming and expensive .

The Support Organization has therefore decided to introduce a minimum level of funding which is required to be reached prior to new projects actually starting and is as noted below:

  • Fund for SPECIFIC CAR MODEL ≈ 200 000 SEK
  • Fund for SPECIAL INTEREST ≈ 200 000 SEK
  • Fund for PERSONALITIES ≈ 100 000 SEK
  • Fund for EMPOYEE GROUP ≈ 200 000 SEK